EXCITING NEWS: Bob Moore has been awarded the prestigious Golden Spurtle 2016!

We are very excited to announce that Bob Moore, founder of Bob’s Red Mill has been awarded the coveted Golden Spurtle in the World Porridge Making Championships.


Photo credit: Fergus Thom

What is the Golden Spurtle?

It is a trophy given to the winner of the highly competitive World Porridge Making Championships. Held annually in Carrbridge Scotland, the title of World Porridge Making Champion is awarded to the contestant who makes the best traditional porridge.

What is a spurtle?

A spurtle is a traditional Scottish cooking implement used to stir oats as they cook and slowly soften in the pot. It is said to be good luck to stir clockwise!

On winning, an emotional Bob said “I couldn’t believe it when my name was announced. It is so meaningful to me to win the Golden Spurtle. I’ve devoted my life to eating and producing good wholegrain food and this really has made me so happy.”

Watch his reaction here…


Bob won using his classic recipe listed on the Bob’s Red Mill package – using just oats, water and salt! So why not celebrate with us by making a big bowl of traditional porridge for breakfast tomorrow!

Get creative with oats

If you fancy trying some more creative recipes with porridge, past Golden Spurtle specialty recipes are available by clicking here.

We can’t decide which to try first –  the Zesty Pistachio Porridge or the Pinhead Risotto with lemon, thyme and parmesan – both sound delicious!!

Congratulations to Bob from all of us at Lavida Food!

Ps. If you have Coeliac disease and are not sure whether it’s okay to eat oats check our post on the topic here.