Vegan Baking – Top Tips

This month we have been experimenting with vegan baking…

At Lavida we are very used to gluten free baking, and this month we have been experimenting with gluten free and vegan bakes. We’ll share two delicious vegan bake recipes this month which make perfect Easter treats.

Here are our top tips to make your vegan bakes a success.


  1. Experiment with egg replacers. Egg usually acts as a binding agent so you’ll need to add something else. You can buy commercial egg replacers, we also like using natural products such as mashed banana, puree fruits or flaxseed meal soaked in water (you’ll need approx. 3 tbsp per egg).


  1. Drop the dairy. It’s easy enough to replace butter with a plant oil such as rapeseed or olive – which also makes the fat profile more healthy! You can also buy a plant based margarine or vegan spread if the recipe needs a solid fat. Milk can be easily replaced with a plant alternative such as soya, almond or oat.


  1. Yes to yeast. According to the UK Vegan society

‘yeast is suitable for vegans. Yeast is a fungus, like mushrooms. As long as the yeast has not been prepared using animals or animal products, the yeast itself is perfectly fine.’

This will make leaven products such as bread possible.

  1. Get online for inspiration. There are many great vegan bake recipes online to give you some ideas! Why not try our Vegan Triple Almond Cookies or Vegan St. Clement’s Cake.

  1. Enter the Vegan bake off! If you discover a new talent for Vegan Baking why not enter Peta’s annual Vegan Bake Off here….


We’d love to hear your best vegan baking tips please share via the comments section below!