Our Brands

Bob's Red Mill

We were very excited when we heard the story behind Bob’s Red Mill Natural Foods and its founders Bob and Charlee Moore. What Bob and Charlee have accomplished within the food industry while remaining true to themselves and their own values is inspiring.

Bob’s Red Mill Natural Foods, Inc of Milwaukie, Oregon was founded in 1978 with the mission to move people back to whole grain foods. Bobs Red Mill Natural Foods produces simple, unrefined wholesome whole-grain foods that are high in nutrition and fibre.


Eat! Live! Love! Liberto!

It’s not just food, it’s part of the fabric of our lives. 

At Liberto, we believe everyone deserves to be able to eat a healthy, wholesome diet that does not compromise on taste. That’s why we have developed a range of quality and delicious products full of nature’s goodness and we are excited to share them with you!

Le Pain des Fleurs

“the bread of flowers”

Wonderfully Organic “Crunchy” Crispbreads!!

In the space of just over 10 years, Le Pain Des Fleurs has become France’s number 1 gluten free Crispbread, a brand that is recognised all across France and beyone and a must have for all independent and organic retail specialists.

Molino di Ferro

Family owned Molino Di Ferro, are the proud producers of Le Veneziane, Italy’s best selling gluten-free pasta. For many years, coeliacs have had to tolerate inferior pasta, but as one happy customer says when we discovered Le Veneziane, real pasta came back onto the menu!


At Lavida our aim is to bring you gluten-free products of the best quality and taste from around the world. Semper has been the number 1 gluten-free brand in Sweden for over 20 years.